Covid Dashboard

Published on Aug 18, 2020 by on

This is a covid Dashboard that was designed using Plotly Dash. The Dashboard runs on the address

The Documentation for the Plotly Dash can be found here:

The dashboard is added to a Docker container. The installation instruction for docker can be found here:

Docker containers can be deployed onto AWS ECS. You can find a nice tutorial on the AWS ECS here:

You can git clone the repo and run the dashboard locally. It will run on the address:

The dashboard uses the data from

The dashboard has three components: 1) A summary of covid metrics 2) Plots that show normal and cumulative count for new cases, death counts, number tested count and number hospitalized. 3) A clickable map of the US. Selecting a single stage updates the two plots between. The first plot is the number of new cases and the second is the number of deaths in the selected states.